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Our house warming SURPRISE party with Glenn and Rhoda Martin and the Orlando team and friends.
What a blessing to work with a great organization, Chapel Project.  Building the locals up.
We are officially moved in and living in our own home here in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  (see above picture)  Not everyone throws a housewarming party for you at your own house when you're not prepared! haha!  What a blessing this time of prayer was.  We are still in need of furniture and some kitchen items.  We would appreciate your prayers and/or financial help with these needs.  Please ask for an update needs/wish list if interested.



January to March 2014
Catching you Up and an Update All in One!

2014 has been crazy busy for the Walkers! 
We welcomed the Martin's back to their home and we moved into our own next door.  This included a 40 hour lost dog drama that started when we came home from celebrating the New Year.  What a way to start the year.
We hosted a YWAM Orlando DTS group of 25 in January.  8 of the 25 went and worked on NIKOland each week and camped up there while the other 17 did ministry here in the city.  We worked alongside of them in a lot of the poor areas of town, did some street outreaches, and joined a ministry with a local young man playing sports with shoe shine boys who mainly live in the street.  It was a super busy month.
February brought the departure of the DTS and the welcoming of the Ellis Family as they completed their outreach phase of their school.  It was a lot of fun working with this family of 7 who work with children in Knoxville, TN.  They came to help us prepare as we look at hosting more family groups in the future and they plan on hosting them stateside. 
Chapel Project was a huge success with 2 projects during the end of February and March.   We helped build the roof on a church in Los Tocones an outskirt of Santiago.  Also was the finishing of the roof on the upstairs classroom, nursery, and office of the church in El Ejido where the fire was.  And we were able to put a roof on the partial church building in village of Tamboril that the DTS had helped lay the foundation for and build a roof on a better home for a local pastor whose home was severely eaten by termites. 
The Ellis family from Knoxville, TN who has worked with YWAM Orlando came and did a family outreach to help prepare us and themselves to host future family outreaches!  Here we are eating lunch during a day of ministry up at NIKOlando. 
Please be praying NIKO camp is in 2 weeks and will be a life changing week for many area youth.
SUYO, Kings Kids a program that combines learning about God, discipling local youth and reaching out to those in their own cities and around the world.
This is David.  He is 4 years old and a good boy.....do you want him?
This was the question posed to me by the people across the street from a church we were working at.  He had wandered up the day after a massive fire that destroyed 55 plus homes and had been "unclaimed" for a couple of days.   Talk about a broken heart!  Wow...God created David just as He created all of us and wants us to be in relationship with Him.
David is being cared for by his grandmother and it was a blessing in January to get to see him again and see him doing well in her care.
  • Prayer and upcoming needs.  YWAM Santiago is a part of the larger body of YWAM Caribbean and we have an upcoming conference in May.  Our family really needs to attend this conference but fees will be upwards of $1600.  Would you help send us to this conference so that we may learn, be encouraged and meet others working in the Caribbean region?
  • Language Learning is an ongoing need.  We need some creative solutions to learning Spanish.  Please be in prayer with us for this.
  • Visa and residency paperwork and funds.  We need to establish residency here and get our cedulas which is the local ID and then drivers licenses in order to continue to legally drive.
  • Safety...driving here is crazy and Ned, Debbie and Jesse were rear-ended last weekend.  Fine but sore.  Also petty thievery is high here esp. for the upcoming vacation time around Semana Santa..Easter week when many locals go to the beach for vacation.
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Walker Family

Walker Family
Samantha, Ned, Jesse, Debbie & Hannah

What are the Walkers doing right now?

We are moving!!

The last week of August, our family will be moving long-term to Santiago, Dominican Republic. We will be working with YWAM Santiago and the Martin Family! We are super excited about this transition. But also praying for wisdom as we figure out visa's, residency, what to do with our things, etc...

As always, we are praying that the Lord will use us wherever we are!

Lord, help us not to miss the things you have prepared for us to do!