Tuesday, April 28, 2009

India April 28th

Hello All from India~

It seems like forever since I have sent an update. I got a touch of what we now refer to as the Delhi Belly! Yes, you can imagine that I did not go far from a bathroom. Much better now.

We believe that it was 109 degrees today and is supposed to be 111 tomorrow. WOW!
Jesse and I are kind of enjoying not being cold. Ned is not so much!

Hannah had quite the adventure last week teaching 30 students by herself. On Wednesday the teacher's realized that she was 11 years old. This did not excuse her from teaching on Thursday or Friday though! The teacher's were impressed that she did not complain. Hannah ended up really enjoying her time. She wanted to be able to speak in front of people more so I guess she got it.

Jesse stepped up on Thursday as I was sick and could not go to the schools. So on his own he went to the other girls in our team of 4 and told them that it was okay. He came up with his own plan to teach for the day. One of the girls sat with him in class but he taught for the day. How fun is that. He said he missed me a little but not too much as he was able to teach!

Sammi played bass guitar along with one of the India Staff here for praise and worship at our afternoon worship service. She did really well and enjoyed it alot.

Jesse is getting able to compete in a Tae Kwon Do tournament on Sunday. How fun for him to "internationally" compete. The teachers are very happy that we are allowing him. He is excited!

Ned and I are doing well. Making many friends. Ned has made a friend who is a converted Muslim who would like to spend more time with him. This is really neat. This man has a ministry in the Muslim community here.

We are doing well and have switched ministries for the last part of our trip to the Campus Ministries. We not only minister and help in the coffee shop but also go to the University each day and make friends and evangelize.

We have gotten quite comfortable with riding the Metro and traveling the city with no guides. We visited Raj Ghat, the memorial for Gandhi, on Saturday and had tea and cookies with our shop keeper friend on Sunday afternoon after church. We have also visited "Monkey Park" and seen the monkeys and their babies.

Thank you for your prayers. As always please send your requests to us too and/or any notes.

Check out www.ywamorlando.org\news and Winter DTS for updated pics and videos.
Ned would love some of the "winter" part of that for the weather here:)

Blessings and Prayers~
the Walker Family

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hello from India~

So you would like to know what life in India is like?

Turn off the A/C. Oh, did I mention it has been up to 110 degrees?
You can use a ceiling fan but intermittently turn off the power just for fun!
Hand wash ALL of your clothes and hang them up inside the house to dry. It is way to dusty and dirty outside. YES!! I get a blister each week from wringing them out.
Eat only rice and yellow spicy stuff. Mainly beans in a spicy broth over it. Actually it is not too bad but rice from breakfast is not too good:) Oh, you can order Dominoes pizza once a week but you can only have barbecue chicken because the operator doesn't understand you and you didn't get cheese pizza. It is a bit off from american pizza but the crust is wonderfully like home.
Take a "bucket" once every couple of days. Jesse actually sat in the bucket this week because it was warm.
Have your kids or someone loudly chant or shout things daily from the street outside. What should they shout??? Doesn't matter it is hindi so you don't have to understand.
Let the neighbor's cow wander around the yard.
Oh, and about 20 stray dogs!
Let's not even go to the flies! WOW!!!

We never knew there were so many flies or types of beans.
We have found this amazing little melon that looks like a gourd but is so very sweet!!
Find about 40 kids and just love on them. Yes, they are definitely the highlight. They love to have their picture taken and love to talk to you and wonder why you don't respond.
We started new schools on Thursday. Ned, Sammi, Hannah and I are all teaching our own class. The translators this week are not as good but the faith of the kids is amazing.
It is so awesome to hear them recite the Lord's Prayer in hindi. They are so eager to learn english and more about God!

Please pray for supernatural language skills!

We went to an English speaking church today. The kids all danced and Sammi shared a testimony of how God is with you through whatever you are going through. And also that we in America are so very blessed and how we don't even realize it. Jesse was quite the hit with the hip hop team. That boy is too cute sometimes.
The metro is so fun to ride to him! Hannah is getting better at introducing herself and not being so shy. She is actually teaching a class of 30 by herself this week. Talk about having to speak in front of people.

Blessings all~

India is amazing and we are still in awe of how wonderful God is to allow us this service opportunity!
the Walkers

Monday, April 13, 2009

update from india

Greetings from India!!!

WOW!!! What a week!

We have felt your prayers! Thank you for your messages! Yes, we can receive emails. I look forward each time I get online to see your notes so thank you!

We are enjoying ministering! Our family is all doing Children's ministry as slum schools. We not only minister to the children but also to parents and landlords who are not Christian. They allow their children to come so they will learn english from americans but we are free to teach the gospel. In 3 schools we have done the witnessing bracelets and have seen 42 children pray and ask Jesus in their hearts for the first time.

Jesse has taught the children Jesus loves me. He is enjoying TaeKwonDo. and is making friends. He enjoys watching cricket too!! No baseball in India!

Hannah has made two sweet friends who walk her to the gate each day.

Sammi narrowly escaped stitches in the middle of her forehead. PTL. the bunk bed ladder fell squarely in the middle of her forehead leaving a HUGE bruise but did not break the skin. we do not understand why except for the Lord's hand.

Ned and I have befriended a man from Pakistan named Medlan who has invited us to his shop. Ned has made friends with some of the men who own businesses and they invite him in for chai tea! the "thing" in India!!

We celebrated Easter with a huge egg hunt by our leaders in our 4 story building!! Ned was moo'ed at by 3 big cows today while teaching and Sammi 's rickshaw almost turned over!! Life in India is fun! OH!! and it was 102 degrees today and getting hotter each day.

Please share your requests so we can be praying for you!

My praise!! I found an immersion heater for my bucket of water for 190 rupees that is about $4!!!

God is good!
Blessings All~
love and prayers from India!
the Walkers

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

update from India

Greetings from India!!!

This was our first day of ministry teams. The Walker Family is all doing Children's Ministry at this time. We are going to slum schools to do English Camps with American Teachers. It is really neat to be able to speak openly about the gospel.
We go in groups of 4. Ned and Hannah are on a team. Jesse and I are on a team. Sammi is on a different team. There are 2 class periods with 25 to 55 children in each room. Sammi said that she is not a good estimator of space so she counted the bricks and the room was 9 bricks by 15 bricks. Yes, this is normal bricks. Very small rooms.

Jesse made a friend named Jateen today. Hannah had two friends who did not want to stop holding her hand! Very neat for them.

Jesse also got to do TaeKwonDo tonight.

The weather is hot! The air is dusty! The food is spicy! India is wonderful because God is moving here!

Please pray for no illness and safety in the rickshaws (bicycle carts)!!

Ned was able to minister to a Indian business man today. Jesse and I met a Vietnam Buddhist today and were able to talk about our God with him. We are praying for Divine Appointments!

Please pass this on to whomever! Blessings and prayers to all~
the Walker's

PS check out ywamorlando.org\news winter dts 2009 for pics. I have taken most of them which is why you won't see me but everyone else is there:)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Update from India

Hello All~

We are doing well in India!!!!

This week has been quite fun. We arrived Monday night and had Tuesday off to sleep and get settled in. We are staying in a 5 story building that is much like an apartment building. We have a two room area with two bathrooms on the ground floor. One of the two toilets work but it is in the bathroom that consistently has about a half an inch of water on the floor. We have two showers which can be translated into two garbage cans of water and a bucket!! We can it bucketing versus showering! It is quite cold too. I did get the man in the kitchen to boil me a pot of water today to wash my hair in warm water. What a pleasure!!
We have to go up to the top story of the building for meals and meetings. The main office is down about 10 blocks away around two corners. It is a nice area with upper to middle class people mainly.
Jesse got to play cricket in the street with some boys the other day. He was quite thrilled and is really wanting a cricket bat to play with.
We enjoyed Survival Experience on Wed. That consisted of taking a rickshaw (bicycle cart) to the Kamla Nagar Market and purchasing a traditional Indian ministry outfit. Did I mention that we had no translator!!! We did all survive and came back with appropriate dress. The clothes are extremely colorful and quite comfortable. Hannah I think really enjoys it and was able to get two orange punjabis:)
The guys in the group saw two elephants going down the street. The girls and I have only seen a camel. Not counting the multitude of cows and dogs and a few cats and a ton of birds and parrots.
We visited the 2nd largest Hindu temple in the world and did see a monkey there. We also visited the Lotus temple. It is so sad to see the extravagance and amount of time wasted on false gods. So very disheartening. The temple was quite overwhelming.
Sammi was especially saddened. We did prayer walks as we went and know that there are spiritual changes going on.
There is so much that I could tell you about and it has only been one week. Next Tuesday we start slum school ministry along with University outreach and coffee house and English as a second language.
The food is spicy!! The water is cold. The mattresses are rock hard:) But it is very good!!
We had potato butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast! Lots of rice and douhl.

Blessings all~

Thanks for your prayers!

Love the Walker's

check out ywamorlando.com\news for videos and pictures!

Walker Family

Walker Family
Samantha, Ned, Jesse, Debbie & Hannah

What are the Walkers doing right now?

We are moving!!

The last week of August, our family will be moving long-term to Santiago, Dominican Republic. We will be working with YWAM Santiago and the Martin Family! We are super excited about this transition. But also praying for wisdom as we figure out visa's, residency, what to do with our things, etc...

As always, we are praying that the Lord will use us wherever we are!

Lord, help us not to miss the things you have prepared for us to do!