Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to our family and friends!!
What a year it has been! We have enjoyed a lot of ministry times on the island of Hispanola. The Dominican Republic and Haiti share this island and we have been able to minister in both countries extensively this year. We have seen salvations and healings and have been able to do physical labor and work on orphanages and water systems. What a great year of ministry.
We are busy right now with YWAM Orlando which we love and are so happy to be a part of the family here. This past quarter Ned has learned a lot in the accounting department and also the youth department. Debbie and the kids have been able to work on the new west campus of YWAM Orlando. They have destroyed a lot of moldy walls and cleared the way for new walls and ceilings to be put up. It has been a busy but very productive fall quarter!
We all were able to help with and attend YWAM's South East Conference and 50th Anniversary Celebration that were held on the new campus. We slept in tents and used portable toilets, sinks and showers during this week. What an adventure!

We will continue working on staff with YWAM Orlando here in Orlando for the Winter Quarter. We are looking forward to learning a lot more that we will be able to take with us as we continue to prepare to go full-time to the Dominican Republic.

We pray that this finds you all well! Please pray about financially or prayerfully supporting us this coming year.
Many Blessings!
The Walker Family

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Walker Family

Walker Family
Samantha, Ned, Jesse, Debbie & Hannah

What are the Walkers doing right now?

We are moving!!

The last week of August, our family will be moving long-term to Santiago, Dominican Republic. We will be working with YWAM Santiago and the Martin Family! We are super excited about this transition. But also praying for wisdom as we figure out visa's, residency, what to do with our things, etc...

As always, we are praying that the Lord will use us wherever we are!

Lord, help us not to miss the things you have prepared for us to do!