Monday, April 19, 2010

Walker Family Update

WOW! What an adventure it has been! We are currently doing our third school here at YWAM Orlando. It is a Basic Leadership School (BLS) where we are learning to be servant leaders like Jesus. It is quite intense and there is a lot of work to do. We are enjoying this class a lot and loving being in Orlando. YWAM Orlando has very much become home to our family.

Our BLS studies have kept us quite busy these past few weeks and I have not slowed down in order to do a much needed newsletter. I do apologize for not keeping everyone up to date. We will be here in Orlando for lecture phase until June 4th. After that we will do our Outreach working with the youth department here and leading a team back to the DR. Dates and information are still being finalized.

Long-term, we are working towards setting up a family-oriented facility where families and individuals can come and serve others and in doing so, realize that God has called us all to share His Salvation Story with others. A place where each and everyone that is a part has an opportunity to realize that God has created each of us with a purpose and a destiny in His Hands. We are looking at the Dominican Republic due to location,safety and other factors.

Starting this week, we will be doing a weekly post about some of our adventures while we were in the DR. This will be easier for Debbie to post with limited internet access and will make for shorter reads. Hope and pray that you enjoy them.

Thanks for following our family and for your support. A prayer request right now would be for financial support as it is down a bit from what we need and also we have had truck issues.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you!
Email or call at 772-360-9393!
the Walker Family

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Walker Family

Walker Family
Samantha, Ned, Jesse, Debbie & Hannah

What are the Walkers doing right now?

We are moving!!

The last week of August, our family will be moving long-term to Santiago, Dominican Republic. We will be working with YWAM Santiago and the Martin Family! We are super excited about this transition. But also praying for wisdom as we figure out visa's, residency, what to do with our things, etc...

As always, we are praying that the Lord will use us wherever we are!

Lord, help us not to miss the things you have prepared for us to do!