Tuesday, April 7, 2009

update from India

Greetings from India!!!

This was our first day of ministry teams. The Walker Family is all doing Children's Ministry at this time. We are going to slum schools to do English Camps with American Teachers. It is really neat to be able to speak openly about the gospel.
We go in groups of 4. Ned and Hannah are on a team. Jesse and I are on a team. Sammi is on a different team. There are 2 class periods with 25 to 55 children in each room. Sammi said that she is not a good estimator of space so she counted the bricks and the room was 9 bricks by 15 bricks. Yes, this is normal bricks. Very small rooms.

Jesse made a friend named Jateen today. Hannah had two friends who did not want to stop holding her hand! Very neat for them.

Jesse also got to do TaeKwonDo tonight.

The weather is hot! The air is dusty! The food is spicy! India is wonderful because God is moving here!

Please pray for no illness and safety in the rickshaws (bicycle carts)!!

Ned was able to minister to a Indian business man today. Jesse and I met a Vietnam Buddhist today and were able to talk about our God with him. We are praying for Divine Appointments!

Please pass this on to whomever! Blessings and prayers to all~
the Walker's

PS check out ywamorlando.org\news winter dts 2009 for pics. I have taken most of them which is why you won't see me but everyone else is there:)

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Walker Family

Walker Family
Samantha, Ned, Jesse, Debbie & Hannah

What are the Walkers doing right now?

We are moving!!

The last week of August, our family will be moving long-term to Santiago, Dominican Republic. We will be working with YWAM Santiago and the Martin Family! We are super excited about this transition. But also praying for wisdom as we figure out visa's, residency, what to do with our things, etc...

As always, we are praying that the Lord will use us wherever we are!

Lord, help us not to miss the things you have prepared for us to do!